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  /  18 March, 2016
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Introducing the all new EVOline Port Push

New EVOline Port Push

The first introduction was at the “light+building” fair, March 2016 Frankfurt – Germany. Introducing the new EVOline Port Push follows the design flow that was previously introduced with the EVOline V-Port, Backflip,  and Fliptop Push. A slight push-to-open is enough to activate the mechanism that “pops-up” the unit.

With the Port Push, EVOline presents an even more refined version of the well-established EVOline Port series. This new elegant built-in series lets cables and plugs disappear with a simple touch.

Exchangeable modules

Exchangeable multimedia modules have proven to be a great addition, so the new Port Push also uses them. With these exchangeable modules, the user can experience almost border-less freedom in case requirements change. EVOline has newly developed a new line of exchangeable modules for the Port Push. This way you can change data and multimedia modules afterward very simple.

Square rocking cover for the Port Push

A special feature of the new Port Push is the square rocking cover. Close the unit to hide all power sockets and multimedia connections underneath the worktop. Soft finger touch on the cover opens up the unit where it can be pulled up all the way. If not needed anymore, another touch on the cover will close-up the Port Push. Special sliding dampers ensure soft closing.
You can also close the unit with cables connected. The rocking cover then stays slightly open while all connections disappear below the worktop surface. This way the Port Push brings clarity to the worktop for creative and efficient working.

Uncomplicated mounting

Mounting the unit is also uncomplicated because of the proven mounting system. Worktops from 10 – 50 mm can use the quick-mount system. For thicker surfaces, there are other options. Not only the worktop surface stays unclogged, but also beneath the worktop the Port Push provides secure cable guidance. This guides against unwanted cable bends and pulling out connectors. More security can be added when using an EVOline WireLane. Simply connect the Port Push to a WireLane chain via an adapter clip.

All new EVOline Port Push follows the latest design flow.

More information: The EVOline Port Push – Iconic Design and Brilliant Functionality

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New EVOline Port Push

Always within reach all-important connections for daily use. As with almost all other systems, we can customize all connections exactly to the customer’s needs. New are the exchangeable modules with the EVOline Port series.