Payment options during checkout

When you added the required products to your cart and want to proceed, you can choose checkout. During checkout you can fill in your address details and select a payment option. The image below is presented for you to make a choice.

Payment options - checkout-evolinestore Payment options, Payment options, Payment options

The slowest method of all. Processing of your order will wait until the arrival of your payment is confirmed by finance. Although slow, it does not have any surcharges as long as the total amount reaches our account.

This method works very well worldwide but especially well within EU. All banks within EU are obliged to handle transactions to customers in EU countries without extra surcharge.

Banks outside EU tend not only to charge their customers surcharges for the transaction, but also the receiver. That means when finance receives an amount from a customer outside EU, very often our bank also charges us for the received funds.

Finance is very strict about receiving the total amount. In case the receiving bank (our bank) deducts surcharges, the customer has to make an additional payment to compensate for the receiving charges. Please be aware of this. If in doubt, consult your own bank.

It often turns out that using PayPal is more cost effective (and a lot faster) then using your good old banking account.

Paypal - evolinestore
PayPal is a worldwide payment method that almost all customers can use. You can check if PayPal is available in your country via this link

With PayPal you can use all popular credit and debit cards. EVOlineStore handles all credit cards via PayPal. You even don’t have to have a PayPal account yourself, you can use the PayPal service as a guest.

For using PayPal there is a surcharge. The surcharge depends on which part of the world you are shipping to. Our web store calculates the surcharge according to the shipping address you supply.

IDEAL - evolinestore
iDeal is an online payment method that is typically used within the Netherlands. For using iDeal there is a small surcharge.

SOFORT - evolinestore
Sofort Banking or DIRECTebanking is a widely accepted payment method in Europe. It is accepted in more then 13 countries.

With this payment method the customers can select their own bank and their normal online login credentials. For using Sofort Banking there is a small surcharge.

mrcash - evolinestore
Bancontact – MisterCash is used in Belgium as very popular online payment system.

MisterCash works with most large banks in Belgium. For using MisterCash there is a small surcharge.

Payment options