EVOline Design Tool

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Design you own EVOline
Select the EVOline product you like to design from the menu. Not all products are available with exchangeable modules. The products are grouped as fixed and exchangeable modules.
Choose the type and amount of power modules you require.

You can combine different voltages into a single product. For instance, you can combine European power sockets (240V) together with USA power sockets (115V). In that case an extra power circuit will be created. This circuit requires its ow power cable and connector to supply the correct voltage to the correct circuit.

Choose the type of multimedia- and/or data modules you require. With some modules you can also select a connection type or cable length.

Some products are power only devices. This means there are no multimedia and data modules available.

Choose mounting options and the type of connection cable you require.

Beside the connection cables, several products are also available with connector or cable outlet via the side covers. If you require such, please specify this as a remark.

The results of the Design Tool are emailed as a quotation request to EVOlineStore. We will come back to you with our quotation a.s.a.p. Mostly within a day, often sooner.