Design your own EVOline Square80

Get creative, be your own designer

Do you have other demands than our standard products contain, just choose the modules YOU require

Designtool to create “your own” EVOline Square80 variation

    • configurator evoline square80 - EVOlineStore
    The EVOline Square80 has a fixed layout for available modules. There are always 1 power socket + 1 or 2 USB chargers. Optional are a data connection and Qi-Charger.
    The combination of 2x USB charger + Qi-charger is not an option

    • configurator vde-power - EVOlineStore

      configurator bf-power - EVOlineStore

      configurator danish-power - EVOlineStore

    • configurator swiss-power - EVOlineStore

      configurator uk power - EVOlineStore

      configurator uk power - EVOlineStore

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