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  /  27 August, 2017
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EVOline Dock-Square with Exchangeable Modules: Think Endless Possibilities

EVOline has done it again! This time it has designed a docking station that can accommodate interchangeable modules: the EVOline Dock-Square.  It is a perfect solution for the home and the office. Yet, it works beautifully as a tool for interior designers, kitchen suppliers, retailers, and other companies such as hotels or libraries.

Transform Virtually Any Space into an Electronic Friendly Zone

EVOline Dock-Square - EVOlineStoreThis versatile on-Desk system cleverly answers the question of how to have multi-functional custom connections that can be easily interchangeable. In fact, bringing endless possibilities to your workflow

The EVOline Dock-Square comprises an aluminum housing that is silver anodized with a black-and-white profile. It includes a power cable. The design is small enough to fit on a desk, kitchen surface, a shelf, or another area with ease. With two double-sided strips, the unit effortlessly and securely sticks to any smooth surface via adhesive fixing. Removing the adherent leaves no trace, allowing for the unit to be re-positioned. How smart is that?

EVOline Dock-Square Adhesive- EVOlineStore

EVOline Dock-Square: Versatility at its Finest

Introducing interchangeable modules for data and multimedia that allow for customized connections. The module bar is angled upward. Thus allowing for greater ease of access and interchange module components. The EVOline Dock-Square makes cable-routing a breeze. Hence readily-located cable connections are available. The removal and replacement of these segments require no specialized knowledge or equipment. There are a variety of devices to choose from. The range allows you to acquire only those units to match your own unique needs and to add more as your requirements may grow and change in the future.

A Modular Device that Works for Business

Technological requirements are ever-changing as seen by the growing number of home-office and entertainment devices. At the same time, surface space remains limited. Do you have a desk overrun with computers, printers, scanners, and monitors? (who only has one these days) The docking-station is portable with customized modules to interface with multiple peripherals. The compact unit rests securely aside yet within convenient reach of the user.

EVOline Dock-Square Large - EVOlineStoreIt is a cost-effective plan for start-up businesses that need to be technologically responsive. Necessary modules can be acquired that allows the enterprise to be current and flexible in a very competitive world. There are no unnecessary costs incurred on unwanted features.

This customization fits nicely to accommodate group projects for work or school. The docking station allows devices such as a portable printer or computers to perform in a conference room, hotel or library. For corporations or institutions, it would be more feasible to have a variety of custom devices on hand for project work to interface with various peripherals as necessary. With exchangeable modules: Think Endless Possibilities.

EVOline in the Home

Accessibility for all, that is what the EVOline Dock-Square provides. Anyone can move and re-position the docking station. This set up allows seniors or those individuals with limited mobility to have greater control. Equally important, the adhesive ensures that the unit does not readily fall when plugging or unplugging cords from the appliance.

Do you want to have an extra plugin and also run media devices in the kitchen? Order an EVOline Dock-Square today. You can recharge your cell phone or watch your favorite show on your smartphone or computer. Transform your kitchen into an entertainment center while putting on your chef’s hat. Further, there are kitchen manufacturers that incorporate EVOline into their products. Utilize multiple electrical capabilities in your kitchen area. The kitchen is much more functional where you want it to be and how you want it to be.
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No need for interior designers due to EVOline?

Do you need to employ interior designers to update existing rooms and re-purpose less-used space? This professional design transforms areas in a home into well-thought-out and livable places. Therefore incorporating electrical design using docking-stations involve various modules that include power, data, protection, switches, multimedia, and kinetics. The EVOline Dock-Square multi-functional system allows mobile, customized options to suit every space for each resident of the home at their fingertips.  Alternate modules, because that is what makes the EVOline Dock-Square work so well. They are interchangeable in different rooms of the home at various times. These devices add function and ease in any living space.

These customizable docking-stations further demonstrate this company’s philosophy. As a result, they make your work life and home life easier, more productive, and much more flexible.

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