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  /  25 October, 2018
EVOline Port Push Charger - EVOlinestore

Charge USBs swiftly and efficiently with the EVOline Port Push Charger

The Port Push Charger from EVOline is a high powered USB charger, especially when ordered with the new 2.1A USB charger. It is able to charge multiple USB leads. At the same time, it preserves the smooth surfaces of your counter-tops. Users install this sleek and user-friendly product so that it sits totally flush with the work surface. Charging USBs swiftly and efficiently is a breeze.

Push to activate

The Port Push from EVOline works in a highly intuitive manner. In its natural state, it is completely unobtrusive. You can run your hand across a smooth work surface and you would barely feel the presence of the device. Pull the EVOline Port Push up, however, it springs up from its housing. Then it is ready to use. When it springs up, it locks into a sturdy position so that USB leads and other connections can be plugged into it. Then, simply push it down again. It will retract back into the work surface along with any leads that you have connected to it. As a result, leads emerge smoothly from the work table. You do not need to have long cables trailing right across the kitchen! Listen to the radio, have your laptop open to see your favorite recipes, or plug in your iPod whilst you are in the kitchen. You can also use this product in other rooms of the house of course. It is very handy for bedrooms, studios, and offices too.
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Easy cable routing

The casing of the EVOline Port Push Charger has a rockable design. This makes it easy to feed cables through the casing so that they can run along your work surfaces very neatly. Using a cable tidy will usually not be necessary with this USB charger from EVOline. The design of the device is very multifaceted: it incorporates everything from a push-up feature to cable routing. However, it is also extremely intuitive to use, so there will be no fiddling about at all. As well as sinking it into a work surface, you can also position the port vertically on a wall or inside a cupboard. Alternatively, place it on the underneath of a wall cupboard, or indeed beneath rather than above a worktop.

Durability and reliability

This USB charger is highly durable and will withstand numerous push releases every single day. It is fashioned from the highest quality stainless steel, with a slim and compact shape. Thus it will not compromise any structural aspects of your kitchen’s interior design. Rest assured that you can rely on it for many years to come. Wipe it clean with the utmost ease at any time. When cleaning your worktops, you can simply sweep the cloth right over the place where the device is installed without any worries.

Get your new Port Push Charger today

There is nothing so annoying when you move into a new property as finding that all of your charging points are in the most inconvenient places. With this USB cable charging port, you can ensure that all of your devices are located in the perfect positions for your needs. Make a purchase today and enjoy a more streamlined experience in your kitchen.

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Go straight to the series of EVOline Port USB Charger products in our store

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