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  /  26 February, 2021
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New and Powerful 2021 USB Chargers for custom popsocket from EVOline

2021 – Technology growth requires more USB power

As we all progress to larger smartphones and tablets, the necessity for larger USB power charging becomes more important. Everyone strives to keep up with new technology for business and pleasure. This is important for businesses that use the internet. To have a variety of equipment requiring USB charging is very normal. The amount of cables, outlets, and the need for more charging power is growing all the time. The new technology in smartphones and tablets with larger battery packs has created a need for more powerful USB charging. More charging could mean more cables and power outlets are required. But fortunately, EVOline has developed a new range of USB chargers to meet this demand. How about a Custom Popsocket, with double USB power output? Maybe even better with 2 different connector types? Yes, a full-blown USB charger with Type-A and Type-C connector in a single housing!

More Power for Charging Larger Batteries

EVOline has produced new USB chargers with double the power output of its previous USB chargers. 2.1 Amp output, instead of the 1.0 Amp power of the standard USB charger. These chargers can supply charging for larger smartphones and tablets that require more power. The new USB chargers must be factory-fitted, so these will fit any new ports and other systems that are requested.

One of the latest new versions is a dual or double USB charger that fits into the same space as the older USB chargers. This double charger holds 2 standard type USB sockets. Every socket supplies 2.1A both at 5volt with a total of 10W of charging power. At this time these variants of USB chargers are available:

  • USB-A charger, Type-A single
  • Double USB-A charger, 2x Type-A double/dual
  • USB-C charger, Type-C single
  • USB-AC charger, 1x Type-A + 1x Type-C double/dual

These USB chargers can be fitted in the Pop Up Outlet with USB, the Fliptop outlet and you can create your Custom Popsocket. Check out the EVOline news section on the website for more details on new products.

“Factory only” for USB chargers + power sockets

The new USB chargers have to be factory-fitted. This is mainly due to many worldwide certifications for EVOline systems. These certifications are only valid when all work and modifications on power components are only done by the factory. Replacing existing USB chargers with new and more powerful versions is not a “do it yourself” job. The same also applies to power sockets. These components are therefore not available as aftermarkets spare-  or replacement parts.
USB Type-A + USB Type-C connectors - EVOlineStore

Differences between USB Type-A and USB Type-C

The history of USB began in 1996 as a joint project of Intel, Microsoft, IBM, Compaq, DEC, NEC, and Nortel to standardize hardware connections to computers. USB-C is the latest USB kind. Below you will find the main differences between older USB models and the new USB-C type.

  • USB-C devices have a smaller input connector, only 8.2 millimeters wide and 2.6 millimeters thick, just slightly larger than a micro-USB
  • Unlike the classic USB, the type C is fully reversible and the cable can be connected upside down or vice versa, avoiding possible damage from confusion
  • When accompanied by the new USB 3.1 protocol, the USB Type-C input offers higher speed and greater power
  • Nevertheless, USB Type-C is also compatible with the USB 2.0 standard. This is a critical advantage for hardware manufacturers.

Voltage and Amperage

Not all USB connectors, cables, and chargers are equal. For example, some wall chargers can supply more power than others and one particular USB socket on a laptop may vary in power from the others, or PCs with some able to charge whilst in sleep mode.

You will also need to consider Amperage. Chargers increase the current to provide a higher amount of power quickly – this is measured in amps and the more amps means the more power. Therefore, a charger that comes with a smartphone will provide fewer amps than a charger that comes with a tablet. You will need to consider the voltage and the equipment you’ll need to use to enable the use of USB chargers when traveling internationally.

Safety Concerns

Uncertified chargers come with serious safety concerns. Similar to unofficial batteries, uncertified chargers can be bought at a reduced price online, from overseas, or in high street shops and these kinds of electrical products may present a higher risk of exploding or catching fire. Not only do they present a risk to you, but the use of uncertified chargers may also damage your phone or other devices (which in turn could void your guarantee).

Cheap devices often fail to meet the requirements of the Electrical Equipment Regulations Act 1994. The money that you save comes with extremely high risks and therefore buying an EVOline branded/certified charger is essential to avoid often fatal repercussions.

Designed to Complement any Custom Popsocket

You can’t have too many of these ports with all the daily usage your equipment has in any household. New designs in the kitchen and homes need to incorporate important elements like this to satisfy their customer’s needs. To be able to add extra USB power chargers to your ports, whether you choose to have a Custom Popsocket which you can design yourself with EVOlines design tool, a Pop Up Outlet with USB or a Fliptop outlet, adding more power for USB charging is becoming an essential part of home design. To keep the sleek lines of a kitchen, living area, or workplace any designer will love these pull up or flip designs. Untidy cables will be hidden away from view and they are easy to access and use when required. A recommended read are articles on ‘New EVOline Products’ on the website.

EVOline wireless workspace - EVOlineStore

Designing Workspaces Free from Cables

Any designer should want to keep in mind how space will be used when designing a workspace, home living area, or business workspaces. How easy will it be to access smartphones, tablets, and devices within that design? It becomes more important as more cables are required, to keep a home or workplace free from visible cables. But also making the cables accessible for all charging and power needs.  As the necessity for further charging and supplying more power grows, so the need to keep all these cables hidden increases. Finally, it is now a part of an intelligent design to cater to this.  When planning a workspace at home or for business. With new technology being ever more power-hungry, the new EVOline 2.1Amp USB charger is necessary to add to new port designs.

Order a custom popsocket from EVOline with double USB power; get a popsocket custom!