EVOline Express 910 2-way socket rail / Black / GST18

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Express 910 2-way

EVOline Express 910 2-way socket rail, Black, GST18, power sockets without contact protection.



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EVOline Express 910 2-way socket rail

Flexible amount of power sockets

EVOline Express 910 series for a consistent modular power supply provides a flexible number of power sockets. All units have connectors on both sides for easy interconnect. There are 2 different connector types available, GST18 and Wago/Winsta.

Testing of every product

Self-extinguishing plastics, sockets with contact protection and the testing of every single product before dispatch provides the highest safety. Protection and switch modules are available as well. International socket versions are available. Various colors are available.

A wide range of Express 910 2-way

The EVOline Express series consists of a wide array of power rail modules, connection- and power supply cables as well as safety/protection modules. Express 910 2-way socket rail by EVOline, Black, GST18 connections


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