Welcome to EVOlineStore

Welcome to EVOlineStore! THE dedicated online channel for the EVOline brand.

We offer personalized solutions for cables and plugins worldwide. Do you need pop-up power sockets for your office in the USA? Or modern multimedia module connections for your European university? Do you want to improve your Australian living room by hiding those ugly cables? Then you have come to the right place at the EVOlineStore.

Personalised assortment

EVOlineStore offers a wide range of visible and invisible options for your cable management. EVOline modules are flexible, so we can design them according to your personal preferences and wishes. For example, combine power sockets with USB chargers for more interactive office meetings.

Worldwide network home

While based in the Netherlands, we offer customized solutions internationally. We have the largest stock worldwide, therefore enabling us to deliver our products in countries all over the world. International adapters are not needed, as we provide power sockets suitable for whichever country the client is from. EVOlineStore works very closely with the manufacturers, directly at the factory.