EVOline Module Overview

As divers as

the EVOline range already is…

True added value is only created if the product can be customized to exact requirements

Sometimes a customer might need several data connectors, some international sockets, or a USB charger at the right location. Small customizations can have a great effect on daily use.

This is why EVOline offers custom and special products. The modular approach of EVOline products allows almost indefinite choices of individual equipment and configuration.

Design you own EVOline

The new electrification systems are designed in a manner that integrates easily with any design. Whether in your workplace, kitchen or the bedroom. EVOline products ensure that you have fast and secure data or power access whenever you need it. The products are also designed to be highly adaptive thanks to the wide range of EVOline exchangeable modules inserts. When it comes to safety, EVOline Bespoke products provides a rotatable cover. This type of sockets can safely be installed in the kitchen. In such a setting, it will reduce the chances of electrocution due to spilled water on open sockets.

EVOline systems are designed not only to suit your needs but also to save your time on installation. A good example is the EVOline One Round design that allows quick installation and is easily integrated on any surface, including office furniture. The socket can either be installed horizontally or vertically depending on the owner’s preference. The product’s installation only requires one to cut out a hole that is 54 mm in diameter. Its design ensures a secure hold by a plate thickness of 9mm.

Concealed Sockets or Concealed Kitchen Sockets, Pop Up Power Sockets, Powerdocks, Pull Up Sockets, Drag Up Sockets, Pop Up Plugs, Concealed Electric Sockets, Rising Sockets, Kitchen Sockets or just Pop Up Sockets, there are so many different expressions for the same type of units.

Module overview, see the many available EVOline modules at a glance

Module overview, see most available EVOline modules.