EVOline Product Overview

Design products with smart ergonomics

 EVOline® Circle80

EVOline Circle80 - EVOlineStore

 EVOline® Up

EVOline Up - EVOlineStore

 EVOline® One

EVOline One - EVOlineStore

 EVOline® Port Push

EVOline Port Push - EVOlineStore

 EVOline® Dock Square

EVOline Dock Square - EVOlineStore

 EVOline® Square80

EVOline Square80 - EVOlineStore

 EVOline® Backflip

EVOline Backflip - EVOlineStore

 EVOline® Fliptop Push

EVOline Fliptop Push - EVOlineStore

 EVOline® Dock

EVOline Dock - EVOlineStore

 EVOline® Plug

EVOline Plug - EVOlineStore

 EVOline® Port

EVOline Port - EVOlineStore

 EVOline® FrameDock

EVOline FrameDock - EVOlineStore

 EVOline® R-Dock

EVOline R-Dock - EVOlineStore

 EVOline® U-Dock

EVOline U-Dock - EVOlineStore

 EVOline® V-Dock

EVOline V-Dock - EVOlineStore

 EVOline® V-Port

EVOline V-Port - EVOlineStore

 EVOline® T-Dock

EVOline T-Dock - EVOlineStore

 EVOline® Vertical

EVOline Vertical - EVOlineStore

 EVOline® Qi-Charger

EVOline Qi-Charger - EVOlineStore

 EVOline® Spare Parts

EVOline Spare Parts - EVOlineStore

 EVOline® Express

EVOline Express - EVOlineStore

 EVOline® Bridge

EVOline Bridge - EVOlineStore

 EVOline® Rail

EVOline Rail - EVOlineStore

 EVOline® Modules

EVOline Replacement Parts - EVOlineStore

 EVOline® Exchangeable

EVOline Exchangable modules - EVOlineStore

For many years award-winning

Intelligent solutions from EVOline for the distribution of electricity and data

Dear friends and people interested in our EVOline – systems! We present our new developments and the successful series of recent years.
What makes us so successful that we have to expand our production due to the high demand? You can only spend earned money once.

We do not have to satisfy „investors“; therefore we invest all our money in new developments and a high vertical range of manufacture. That makes us strong and independent - and maybe even more important, it‘s fun too. If you would like to see how our company works, you are cordially invited to contact and perhaps visit us - you will be surprised. Cheerful greetings from EVOlineStore

We offer a wide range of visible and invisible options for your cable management. EVOline modules are flexible, so we can design them according to your personal preferences and requirements. For example, combine power sockets with USB chargers for more interactive office meetings. Ugly cables that attract dust and may trip people? Certainly, these are a thing of the past with our EVOline Dock and EVOline R-Dock range.

While based in the Netherlands, we offer customized solutions globally. We have the most extensive stock worldwide, therefore enabling us to deliver our products in nations all over the world. International adapters are not needed, as we provide power sockets suitable for whichever country the client is from. EVOlineStore works very closely with the manufacturers, directly at the factory. Because of this, we can develop and ship our products to our clients within several days after the order has been placed.

Starting with flat plugs, going to the electrical installation of entire buildings

Overview of EVOline products. Questions? Send an email.