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  /  3 October, 2017
Design-Yourself - EVOlineStore

Create bespoke EVOline products that are perfect for your needs with the EVOline designtool

At EVOline, we always strive to have a fantastic range of different products that will be suitable for all kinds of industrial and in-house uses. Nevertheless, we are also aware that many of our customers have very specific and unique needs which can only be met by the individual, bespoke products. Thus, we created this user-friendly designtool. This tool enables EVOline customers to create specialized products that make their dreams come true.

Design your own EVOline: an overview of how it works

There are four substantial steps involved in using this tool.

Quality is always guaranteed

We know that EVOline customers always expect the highest quality products when they shop with us. The EVOline designtool is no different. The great success of this new tool derives from the fact that it consists of classic EVOline products. Fully customized and combined by you, the customer. All of the ports, cables, mountings, data, and multimedia options available via the tool are genuine EVOline products. Of course, manufactured according to our strict quality standards. In short, you like EVOline’s superb quality industrial and commercial solutions. But have often felt that you needed to tweak your purchases, to make them more suitable for your needs. This tool is perfect for you.

What happens once you have designed your dream product?

The EVOline designtool can be used to create product specifications in a matter of moments. Let EVOline’s handy online form guide you through every step of the process. Providing you with options to select from several tabs. Once you have created your ultimate dream-product, review the product that you have created and make any further edits that you require. Then, once you have approved your plan, fill in your details and email it to us.Thinking over the quotations from the designtool - EVOlineStore

Then what, after we receive your request?

We will review the design that you have created and send you an email with our quotation for the price. This fair and affordable quote will be based on the cost of manufacturing. Together with every aspect of the product and then fitting them together to make an integrated whole. If you have any further queries after receiving your quote, and if you wish to make any more changes to your product, our channels of communication remain open. So please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Otherwise, simply send us your OK and we will get right to work creating your bespoke product. Customized products from EVOline’s creative new designtool

Design your own EVOline, and welcome to the future

This new tool which enables clients to create their own EVOline equipment embodies the future of manufacturing. Our design your own EVOline tool is the result of a symbiotic relationship between client and manufacturer. We bring the manufacturing expertise and ability to the table along with a range of fantastic EVOline products. You bring knowledge of your unique situation. We both bring some brilliantly creative ideas. The finished product is something truly special. It is always something that you will be totally satisfied with. And why wouldn’t you be totally satisfied? After all, you are the one that designed it!

Now, why wait?

Got excited? Check it out! Go straight to our design tool, click on the image: Design your own EVOline via our designtool - EVOlineStore