Design your own EVOline One

configurator evoline Circle80 - EVOlineStore
The EVOline One can be fitted with a power socket, a double USB charger or 1 - 2 multimedia modules. The color and cover ring type can be chosen to create truly bespoke units. The color of the selected modules will match the housing color.

  • Housing color: BlackWhiteconfigurator EVOline One black - EVOlineStore
  • configurator EVOline One white - EVOlineStore

    Ring type:
    BlackWhiteStainless Steel inlayBlack rotating coverWhite rotating coverStainless Steel inlay rotating cover

  • EVOline One - Ring black - EVOlineStore
  • EVOline One - Ring white - EVOlineStore
  •                      EVOline One - Ring stainless steel inlay - EVOlineStore
  • EVOline One - Ring black with rotating cover - EVOlineStore
  • EVOline One - Ring with rotating cover white - EVOlineStore
  •                      EVOline One - Ring with rotating cover stainless steel inlay - EVOlineStore

Additional fixing sleeve for installation in an upholstered piece of furniture.
EVOline One - Upholstery Ring - EVOlineStore
Upholstery Ring: Low, up to 5,5mmHigh, up to 11mm

Designtool to create “your own” EVOline One variation.

Official One DesignTool