EVOline Fliptop Black

EVOline Fliptop Push Series – New Color Options

EVOline Fliptop Series – New Color Options black, white and subtle grey

If you have a look over the new Fliptop options in the EVOline range, you’ll certainly like what you see. These power sockets have been instrumental in transforming workspaces from chaotic corners to tranquil work stations. Check them out for yourself and see the difference they make. It’s practically life-changing.

Fliptop Push Products

This collection of power sockets gave the workplace back a sense of neatness and tidiness. Power demands had transformed offices into dens of inefficiency. With wires and plugs cluttering workspaces, it was a wonder any quality work got done at all. Because of the appearance of these products, that all changed for the better. Once cluttered, the workspaces are now manageable. The power sockets have all the charging points kept cleverly out of sight. This has improved many people’s experience of work. What’s even more exciting is the fact that these amazing appliances are now available in a range of colors. This helps them to blend even better and more efficiently than before. In a chameleon-like way, these products can fit in better with their environment by blending with the environment. They hide in plain sight, you could say. What’s not to like?

EVOline Fliptop White - closed+open - EVOlineStore

New Fliptop Options – With a Selection of Colors

They have multiple sockets so that several appliances can charge at the workstation. They have discreet covers to keep those sockets out of sight. This increases efficiency and improves the tidiness of the work station. But now it has an added advantage. So what might that be? The advantage of even more discretion. By being available in a range of colors to suit different office furniture, the appliance is now even less noticeable than before. It’s literally hiding in plain sight. That makes it easy to hide and easy to find. So what are the available colors? Simple and subtle colors. Not that black is particularly simple or subtle. But the main thing is, many workstations and office spaces are dominated by black furniture. The black sockets will certainly fit in. Quietly and discreetly they may be installed and only those working there will be any the wiser.

But black’s not the only color in office furniture. It’s very popular, but certainly not the only one. The appliance is available in a plain white color (RAL 9010). Such a plug socket will discreetly blend in, either in a white or off-white. Besides a white painted cover, there are now also “full-white” versions available. Meaning not only the cover but also the profile and modules are completely white. This can be a very interesting visual option in case the unit is mostly used in an opened position.

EVOline Fliptop - new Fliptop options - 2x power - 2x USB charger - Full White - EVOlineStore

Lastly, the socket is available in a subtle powder grey. Where grey office furniture prevails, this socket will be a real asset, where it can discreetly work to blend in and create a tidy and peaceful space to work in which will be much appreciated.EVOline Fliptop Subtle Grey