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  /  7 October, 2012
EVOline Port USB Charger - EVOLineStore

EVOline Port USB Charger

USB Charger(s) integrated into EVOline Port

Besides 2 power sockets, this EVOline Port has a charger module for all devices that can be charged via USB. The charger modules take only up 25mm of space. There are standard configurations with 1 or 2 chargers.

more charger modules?

When you need more charger modules, simply let us know and we can make a quotation for a special configuration. A very practical solution; no adapters and long cables lying around anymore. When connected, you can simply push the unit down.

Which devices?

The charging unit works for Mobile phones, MP3 players, Apple products (iPhone, Ipad), Samsung Galaxy, Samsung Tab, and all kinds of video players. Usable for all devices that can be charged via USB.

There are several types of the charger to integrate into EVOline Port consoles available:

  • Single Type A 1.0A
  • Single Type A 2.1A
  • Double Type A 1.0A/2.1A
  • Single Type C 2.1A

evoline port USB Charger(s) can be integrated in evoline power-ports