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  /  22 December, 2023

EVOline: Smart solutions for flexible working

EVOline Circle80 modules - EVOlienStore

Clean desk and integrated charging function: New modules for the award-winning Circle80 offer even more convenience.

Many employees would like to switch flexibly between the office and home office or co-working space and café. A well-organized infrastructure that ensures a secure power and data supply is one of the most important prerequisites. The EVOline Circle80 is designed precisely for these requirements, because it combines a socket, double USB AC charger and cable outlet in a compact 3-in-1 smart solution with a diameter of just 80 millimeters. All connections are thus bundled and easily accessible. Three new and easy-to-mount retrofit modules now ensure even more comfort at the workplace: the Circle80 Hide, the Circle80 DisQ and the Monitor Plate offer many possible uses for individual workplace design.

EVOline Circle80 Family - EVOlineStore

One system – many possible uses: The Circle80 offers optimal power and data supply at the workplace.

New features: Clean Desk with integrated charging station

With the Circle80 Hide, the work surface becomes even cleaner: The cover, which can be rotated by 270 degrees, hides connections that are not required and protects them from dirt. Likely you also want to charge your smartphone at the same time? You can use the Circle80 DisQ, which is equipped with an additional inductive charging function. An integrated magnet ensures that the smartphone is optimally fixed. The charging process works both when closed and when open. In this way, the well-known functions of the Circle80 can continue to be used.

Intelligent cable routing, a smart solution

Wherever no additional socket is required, the EVOline Circle80 Access cable outlet is the right choice. The well thought-out system enables a variety of cable routing through different covers. The Circle80 series can be connected directly to the monitor with the add-on module Monitor Plate. Hardware, connections and cables are all in one place and provide even more work space.

EVOline Circle80 DisQ - EVOlineStore

EVOline Circle80 Hide - EVOlineStore - smart solution

Circle80 DisQ offers convenient charging for Qi-enabled devices

The Circle80 fits unobtrusively into the work surface and can be installed quickly and easily. Thanks to its low installation depth of just 48.5 millimeters, the Circle80 can be integrated horizontally and vertically into table tops and benches. With a diameter of 80 mm, it fits into standard drill holes for table tops and can be easily mounted from above into the drilled hole without the hassle of installing it under the table. With a short turn of the screw, the system is securely fixed in no time at all.

The availability of internationally approved socket modules ensures a wide range of applications for the EVOline Circle80. Furthermore the color selection offers extra design options:

  • All parts are available in black and white
  • The covers for the Circle80 housing are also available with a stainless steel look

With the Circle80 and the individual expansion modules, EVOline offers a wide range of design options for a wide variety of workplaces.

EVOline Circle80 Access - EVOlienStore