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  /  12 June, 2023
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EVOline Wing cable routing

EVOline Wing – this is how trays/drawers are safely electrified

Easily accessible power and data connections are also one of the basic requirements for comfortable working in the kitchen.
Even when space is limited, the new Evoline Wing enables perfect cable management.

The space behind any ordinary kitchen or other drawer or pull-out shelf can be used to equip it with the necessary power connections. The Wing runs cables behind the drawer to save space without bending or pinching them and only requires 20 mm of space behind the rear wall.

EVOline Wing - R-Dock - EVOlienStore

Reliable cable management system for drawers

The EVOline Wing is a reliable cable management system for pull-out trays. Its wing-action arm is easy to fit behind drawers and keeps surfaces unclogged. Designed for offices and coworking spaces all the way to server cabinets with superior security requirements. Even small workspaces can offer maximum space without annoying tangled cables.

No bending or jamming, cables are guided compactly behind any drawer. Drawers continue to open and close easily. Suitable for all types of cables, including HDMI, LAN and power cables. Fits horizontally or vertically on the left or right behind drawers.

EVOline Wing details EVOlineStore

Smart solution for plugging in drawers

EVOline Wing is a smart solution for mounting a power plug and USB charger in a kitchen drawer. Ensuring that the power cable does not get in the way opening or closing the drawer. Generally it fits very well together with EVOline R-Dock and Dock, while adapting the unique design to all standard kitchen drawers.

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