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  /  3 March, 2017
EVOline backflip GLASS - EVOlineStore

The new EVOline backflip GLASS with white and black glass inlay: revolutionizing socket technology

Sleek and stylish, the new EVOline backflip GLASS makes plugging a USB lead or any appliance into the kitchen counter much safer and easier.

The slim plate that transforms – EVOline backflip GLASS

When not in use, the new EVOline backflip GLASS is hardly noticeable. It takes the form of a thin glass plate embedded into the surface of a kitchen worktop. Conveniently, it can be wiped down in the same way as any other part of the worktop is. When activated, however, the new EVOline backflip rises up and becomes a handy port for appliance plugs and USB leads. This elevated position keeps your plugs and sockets safe from spills and splashes. So that you can use all of your favorite appliances. Or how about you can charge your phone in the kitchen. Without worrying about the risk of mixing electricity and liquids.

EVOline backflip GLASS open - EVOlineStore
Bringing appliances closer to you

All too often, it is a stretch to reach the blender or the coffee grinder in the kitchen. Simply, because plugs are set high up on the opposite wall. Of course, this was originally done for reasons of safety. It is best to keep sockets out of reach of any splashing liquids. Because it is elevated, however, the new EVOline backflip evades these issues.

The EVOline backflip GLASS enables you to plug your electric hand whisk, laptop (who doesn’t love watching a gripping TV show as they cook?), or blender right into the kitchen worktop. Usually, this is the most convenient place for these items to be plugged in whilst you prepare your meals. Now there is no need to keep pacing up and down between the microwave where it is plugged in on one wall, the blender where it is plugged in on the opposite wall, and the worktop itself where you are mixing together all of your ingredients.

EVOline backflip GLASS - EVOlineStore

The versatility of installing new sockets wherever you like

EVOline Backflip GLASS - EVOlineStoreThough it will probably be installed most frequently on kitchen worktops, the new EVOline backflip can, in fact, be installed almost anywhere that you please in the kitchen. Its mount depth is a mere 53 mm. Which means that it can even be installed on top of another appliance. Such as a large blender, a microwave or a stovetop. Place it in the middle of your kitchen table. Then there will be no need for you to have cables and wires stretching from the table to all corners of the room. Especially as the kids use the table for their homework in the afternoon.

The new EVOline backflip can even be set into the floor of your kitchen if that would be most convenient for you. In this case, cleaning the floor with liquid cleaners will not pose any problem as you can simply elevate the backflip and then clean around it. Like any socket, it can also be set into the wall. But it can also be placed underneath a cabinet or on top of a drawer. Highly adaptable, the new EVOline backflip will work with – not against – the existing setup of your kitchen and will help to improve it too. EVOline backflip GLASS with glass-plate inlay: a revolution for sockets

Just one tap from your finger is all that it takes

Activating the new EVOline backflip GLASS is so easy. Just a single touch of a finger and its elegant glass structure will spring into action. Flipping 180 degrees to rise up off the work surface (or the stovetop or wherever you have placed it). As such, it improves the flow of your cooking experience and makes your cuisine much more responsive to your needs. Integrating appliances with the physical process of cooking is the way forward for kitchens.

Whether you have a small, minimalist cuisine or a large and rambling rustic kitchen and dining room combo. The new EVOline backflip will be a welcome addition to your kitchen’s space. Try this device today and experience a revolution in the way that you prepare food. With white and black glass inlay: truly revolutionizing socket technology, socket for kitchen.

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