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  /  4 October, 2016

EVOlineStore – All EVOline products, shipped to you worldwide

Welcome to EVOlineStore! THE dedicated online channel for the EVOline brand. We offer personalized solutions for cables and plugins worldwide. Do you need pop-up power sockets for your office in the USA? Or modern multimedia module connections for your European university? Furthermore, do you want to improve your Australian living room by hiding those ugly cables? Then you have come to the right place at the EVOlineStore.

Personalized assortment

Again, welcome to EVOlineStore. We offer a wide range of visible and invisible options for your cable management. EVOline modules are flexible, so we can design them according to your personal preferences and requirements. For example, combine power sockets with USB chargers for more interactive office meetings. Ugly cables that attract dust and may trip people? Certainly, these are a thing of the past with our EVOline Dock and EVOline R-Dock range.

EVOline R-dock-vde-special - Welcome to EVOlineStore

Worldwide network

While based in the Netherlands, we offer customized solutions globally. We have the most extensive stock worldwide, therefore enabling us to deliver our products in nations all over the world. International adapters are not needed, as we provide power sockets suitable for whichever country the client is from. EVOlineStore works very closely with the manufacturers, directly at the factory. Because of this, we can develop and ship our products to our clients within several days after the order has been placed.

Products made to order

Are you not sure what you want to order? We are happy to provide you with support. Please contact us to discuss your wishes and requirements. Our team is available 24/7 via e-mail. Some things you may want to consider when getting ready to order one or more of our products:

  • What options do you need? For example the type of power sockets (for which country?), USB chargers, cables?
  • How many people will need to use the units?
  • Visual aspects: will the product need to be almost invisible, or does it need to stand out and invite people to use it? If so, which color do you prefer?

Check our customs/specials page for more details.

Recently we have introduced a designtool to create your personal version, your own EVOline! Check it out and we will quickly send you our quotation.

As for those who are looking for real bargains, we have those available in our factory outlet. The outlet section is structured by power socket type, giving everyone a perfect overview of applicable discounted products.

Excellent service

And another welcome to EVOlineStore, we offer excellent service. One of our experienced colleagues will always quickly answer any questions that the customer might have. Our customers report high levels of satisfaction with our expertise and support. In short, EVOlineStore is a reliable partner for everyone, including individuals, office managers, interior designers, and project developers. Are you satisfied with us? Please leave your rating and testimonial on our website

Are you ready to order?

You can order directly online in our web store: Alternatively, you can e-mail your order to our customer service. We accept all major credit cards, PayPal, and e-banking, making the financial settlements easy. Finally, from ordering to shipping, we keep you informed of your order status via email.

Please visit us again!

We continually develop new solutions, so be sure to visit our website regularly.

EVOlineStore – All EVOline products, shipped to you worldwide