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  /  4 March, 2021
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YES, for sure: BRASS FINISHES are making a comeback

Thanks to new tone and finish options Brass finish pairs nicely with other metals,

Brass finish is popular again as a top choice in residential design.

The time has come to erase that outdated advice that different metals cannot be mixed. Trending across many parts of the world right now is style fusion—a comeback of classic styles mingled with newer, more modern highlights, which is why brass is making a strong comeback.  Brass finish options before were lacking somewhat, but there are new colors and finishes “that tone it down a bit.”

Reinvention of Brass

Brass is being reinvented to be more sympathetic and subtle—a soft brushed gold rather than a hard, polished surface. The look is showing up throughout, from lighting and barstools to faucets and hardware. Recognizing the demand, EVOline recently launched a brushed golden brass finish, which is available on several of its products like the Backflip, One, and Port series.

Stylish sockets are the perfect finishing touch to any period or contemporary home. Our range of colorways and designs allows you to think creatively. You can highlight your wiring accessories instead of hiding them. When decorating a room it is sometimes easy to miss the little extras that can add the design flair your room was missing. Sockets don’t have to be boring or unoriginal!

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Consumers are becoming more open

Consumers are becoming more open to exploring new colors and nontraditional finishes. Looking at what is happening in the design industry as a whole, whether it be furniture trends, cabinets, or lighting, it becomes clear that exploring the nontraditional is hot. At EVOline, chrome and brushed aluminum or stainless steel continue to reign supreme as finish choices. These revised brass finishes can be combined as much or as little as home buyers like, because of the increased acceptance of mixing metals. Definitely gone are the days of an all-or-nothing approach. What’s Cooking in Kitchen Design is really a statement.

Mix styles in moderation

As with any trend, it’s important to not overdo it. We suggest starting small by mixing metals—no more than two—in just one room. The goal is for the combination to look deliberate. We also advise selecting finishes that complement each other in a way that emphasizes their individuality without being “too distracting.” Strive for balance by thinking of one as a base metal and one as an accent metal. “The base metal will help secure a sense of harmony throughout your house while the accent metal will act as the distinct piece of jewelry with a classy outfit, pleasing to the eye without trying too hard”.

A more unexpected approach

Another option would be to use different tones of the same metal. Recommended is playing with tone “for a more unexpected approach”. Antique brass with polished brass is an absolute winning combination. Mixing metals can be “a perfect strategy for adding visual interest and depth to a room”. But as already suggested don’t overdo it.

Please be aware that due to the nature of photography, computer monitor abilities, and printing, photos may not completely represent the true qualities of the actual finishes and should only be considered as guides.

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