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  /  30 December, 2019
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EVOline Backflip Series Regional Versions

EVOline Backflip International Power Sockets

EVOline has come up with a product that will enhance your office design and efficiency wherever you are in the world. We all know that sockets must be constructed differently depending on the region of the world in which you’re operating. Now, wherever you happen to find yourself, you’ll find there’s an EVOline backflip socket that is perfect for your office. EVOline Backflip International Power sockets make your office more efficient without compromising on style. Now you’ll find an EVOline backflip regional version to complement your office wherever that office happens to be.

EVOline Backflip Regional Version – Check It Out

When it comes to power sockets, you don’t want to compromise on quality. With international power sockets, it’s exactly the same. There should be every possible safety feature. The design should complement your office decor seamlessly. Most of all, they should be in optimum condition and work like a dream. You need high-quality sockets because you don’t want to economize on the quality of your work nor indeed on your productivity. You will find all these features and more in the EVOline Backflip regional version which is appropriate to you. Now you don’t have to compromise on the quality of your power sockets. You are no longer outside the region for EVOline products. We’ve brought them to your door, so to speak. What could be better than that?

Besides the already available VDE (Schuko-German), B/F (Schuko-French), Denmark, and Switzerland versions, starting 2020 there is now also the availability of UK-style and Australian power socket versions. Long-anticipated and finally arriving, backflip versions with Australian and New Zealand power sockets.

EVOline Backflip series regional versions: For the Backflip line, ordering an international version is quite easy. Simply pick the required finish from our web store. Then at checkout put in a remark that you require an international version like B/F, Danish, Australian, Swiss, or UK-Style. We then will handle your order as custom/special. This might take some extra lead-time but is certainly worth it.

New natural stone composite surface for EVOline Backflip International Power

EVOline Backflip natural stone composite, comes with a cement-like color and structure, closed1 - EVOlineStore

Available as of the first quarter of 2020, is a new surface option.  Besides the stainless steel, white/black glass inlays and white/black paint, there will be a new inlay option. A new natural stone composite, that comes with a cement-like color and structure.
EVOline Backflip natural stone composite, comes with a cement-like color and structure, open - EVOlineStore

A Quality Power Socket for Every Region

Our quality power sockets were very well received in our native region. The feedback was excellent and gave nothing but the most positive reports. Our products got rave reports for their help in enhancing efficiency and productivity in offices because of their excellent design, their ability to blend with any decor, and the high quality which rarely experiences breaks and therefore maximizes employer efficiency. However, along with the appreciation came complaints also. Limited regional versions? We took the complaints on board and went about tailoring our product to wider regions. So today, you may avail of EVOline power sockets in your region. We hope you enjoy this product!

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