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EVOline Bridge accessories

Finally, bridge accessories have arrived

EVOline Bridge accessories have been long waited for; finally, there are forks and joints available for the frequently used EVOline Bridge duct profiles.

Bridge modules

Besides a 90 degrees angle/corner, fork/joint, and cross-module, there is a module for connecting the EVOline Bridge to the EVOline Wirelane cable duct available.

De suitability of the ducts series is further enhanced by these modules. The result is a good looking and professional solution to get rid of loose cables.

Long expected was the vertical module. With this module, the (floor) duct system can also be used on walls. A very common use is for a modern LCD/LED monitor or flatscreen TV to be tightly mounted to the wall. All necessary cabling comes from the floor up to the wall through EVOline Bridge ducts.

Hanging or standing monitor/TV

A great solution, the monitor or TV looks like it’s standing on the Bridge duct. This can also be done from the ceiling, the monitor or TV seems to be “hanging from” the EVOline duct profile.

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