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EVOline Cable Management

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EVOline Cable management Bridge with Wirelane - EVOlineStore

EVOline Bridge

The EVOline Bridge corrals cords. The track can be stepped on, rolled over, and is so flat that there is no edge to trip over.

Sturdy casing

The bridge sturdy anodized aluminum casing divides the electricity and data cables into separate compartments. In other words, power and multimedia cables can be separated.

EVOline Bridge Verbinder - EVOlineStore


In addition, additional modules such as forks, intersections, and joining elements provide for flexible office space planning. The EVOline Bridge can also be produced to bespoke lengths.

Available as connecting parts

  • Connector to connect various lengths
  • 90-degree bend, corners can be made
  • T module, merge with another right angle direction
  • Cross module, merge with 2 right angles
  • Connecting vertical module, floor, wall, and ceiling
  • Wirelane adapter, to connect Bridge with Wirelane

Various standard lengths are possible

  • 500mm
  • 800mm
  • 1200mm
  • 1600mm
  • 2000mm
EVOline Bridge dimensions - EVOlineSTore

The bridge cable tray profiles are available in 2 colors

  • Silver
  • Black

Evoline cable management, Bridge design cable tray in various lengths

Super-fast interconnection

Above all, the EVOline Bridge system is a cost-effective and safe solution for installing cable tray systems. A power connection from a wall or floor to a work table? The EVOline Bridge series makes this possible very quickly and easily. The system is optimal in open office landscapes. It is there where you want to be able to efficiently connect power and multimedia cables from one place to another. By connecting the Bridge profiles with, for example, Wirelane profiles, you can easily reach a workplace.Therefore the EVOline Bridge cable management is very suitable for installations that need to be expanded or adapted afterward. The solution is flexible and the result is a tidy and safe workplace.EVOline Bridge divers - EVOlineStore

Modular Plug & Play cable routing solution

In conclusion, a bridge cable management system can offer a wide variety of solutions:
  • Conduct cables invisibly and safely through a room
  • Roll or Drive-over gutters for (office) furniture
  • Reducing the risk of tripping thanks to the flat-rounded design
  • Can be used as a threshold
  • Enable easy connection with workplaces
  • Run all kinds of cables from the floor to the ceiling via a wall
  • Run cables from a (suspended) ceiling to a flat-screen TV or monitor

EVOline Cable Management organizes loose cables.