EVOline Cable Management

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Cable Management

The EVOline Cable Management organizes and consolidates loose cables and ensures health & safety requirements within office interiors.

EVOline Bridge

The EVOline Bridge-System enables individual solutions for almost any application. Connectors, a 90° angled module, T-module, and a cross-module allow cable routing on the floor as required. The vertical module is perfect for the clean transition between walls and furniture.

WireLane adapter

Furthermore, an adapter module is available for connection to EVOline WireLane.

EVOline Bridge accessories

Cable Snakes & Cable Spines

Plastic Cable Snakes or Plastic Wire Spines, Cable Spines, Weighted Wire Spines, Umbilicals, Vertebra, Vertical Spines, Horizontal Snakes & Office Snakes that are intended to take Cables & Wires safely throughout the Office Environment.