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  /  2 December, 2018
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EVOline Fliptop Push – exchangeable modules make the difference

All new EVOline Fliptop Push

The FlipTop Push is an elegant solution supplying all work areas with power, data, and multimedia. Exchangeable modules for data and multimedia ensure unlimited flexibility in case requirements at the workplace change. EVOline FlipTop Push, a great solution for all kind of worktops.

All international power sockets can be used in the Fliptop series. For more information on available international sockets see the link.


The unit can be opened through a “Push-to-Open” function. The housing is made of black anodized aluminum. The cover has an inlay of brushed stainless steel. The Fliptop series is available in 4 different sizes:

  • S (3 slots), 157 x 195 mm
  • M (4 slots),  157 x 245 mm
  • L (5 slots), 157 x 295 mm
  • XL (6 slots), 157 x 345 mm

EVOline Fliptop Push modules

Advantages of exchangeable modules

Exchangeable modules for data and multimedia ensure unlimited flexibility in case requirements at the workplace change. We already supply a number of exchangeable modules. This collection will grow once more modules become available.

How to use these exchangeable modules

There are special frames for mounting exchangeable modules. The size of these frames is 50x50mm. There are exchangeable modules that use half of this size (25mm). Other modules are (50mm) they use the full size.  The type of module determent’s size. Not all types can be combined because of this.
Every exchangeable frame can hold 2x 25mm modules or a single 50mm module. Combine two 25mm modules into one an exchangeable frame. The factory needs to do this.  Hence the customer cannot do this.

Contact us for more information or specific questions. The factory creates double modules due to the requirements of the customer. Later you can mount this module into the exchangeable frame. Definitely, exchangeable modules make the difference!

Surfaces with a personal touch

EVOline Fliptop Push - Surfaces - EVOlineStorThe EVOline FlipTop Push is available in various colors and fits optimally into its surroundings. Besides the standard versions with a stainless steel inlay, there are also white and black powder-coated versions available. Optional a cable tray/bottom enclosure is available.  This option hides all cables and connections under worktops.

Fast mounting using mounting wedges

EVOline Fliptop Push - Mounting Wedges - EVOlineStoreFor standard worktop thicknesses up to 50 mm, the EVOline FlipTop Push can be installed in no time thanks to the proven mounting wedges. Simply slide one wedge in at the right side and another at the left, all done! While using the standard supplied fixing wedges, the EVOline Fliptop series can be mounted into worktops from 10 up to 50mm. Never the less there are alternative methods if worktops are thicker.

WireLane Clip and cable routing

For cable guidance and safe connection to wirelanes a clip is available to connect to the EVOline WireLane. The below part of the EVOline Fliptop also ensures tidiness below the worktop by using cable routing clips.

EVOline FlipTop Push WireLane connector  Fliptop Push - Wirelane adapter

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De EVOline Fliptop is stof en vocht bestendig. Er zijn modules voor stroom, data en multimedia. De standaard uitvoering heeft een roestvrij stalen inlay.