EVOline Fliptop Push

Do you require international power sockets or do none of the standard units fit your requirements?
Simply create your own variant. Try it for yourself using our designtool for the EVOline Fliptop seriesDesign your own EVOline Fliptop version - EVOlineStore

An elegant solution with interchangeable modules

The EVOline FlipTop Push is an elegant solution supplying all work areas with power, data, and multimedia. Due to interchangeable modules for data and multimedia, the Fliptop series ensures unlimited flexibility for future requirements at your workspace.

Only a touch away – A touch of your finger is enough

When closed, only the surface of the FlipTop Push cover can be seen. One soft touch and the configurable terminal strip appears. The terminal block can then be pulled out effortlessly. By gently pressing on the cover, the strip disappears again under the surface – even with connected cables.

Functions and sizes

Anyone can simply open the Fliptop Push through a “Push-to-Open” function. The housing is made of black anodized aluminum. The cover has an inlay of brushed stainless steel. There are 4 different sizes EVOline Fliptops available:

  • S (3 slots), 157 x 195 mm
  • M (4 slots),  157 x 245 mm
  • L (5 slots), 157 x 295 mm
  • XL (6 slots), 157 x 345 mm

Quick Mounting

For desktop thicknesses up to 50 mm, the EVOline® FlipTop Push can be installed in no time thanks to the proven mounting wedges. Shim right, shim left, done.

Different versions and options

Besides the standard versions with brushed stainless steel inlays, there are also white and black powder coated versions available. Most noteworthy is that the black Fliptop version uses specially designed paint. Therefore keeping fingerprints to a minimum. Optional there is a cable tray/bottom enclosure available. This option is size specific, consequently hiding all cables and connection under worktops.

Surfaces with a personal touch

EVOline Fliptop Push - Surfaces - EVOlineStor

The EVOline FlipTop Push is available in various colors and fits optimally into its surroundings. Besides the standard versions with a stainless steel inlay, there are also white and black powder coated versions available.

Fast mounting using mounting wedges

EVOline Fliptop Push - Mounting Wedges - EVOlineStore

For standard worktop thicknesses up to 50 mm, the EVOline FlipTop Push can be installed in no time thanks to the proven mounting wedges. Just slide one wedge in at the right side and another at the left, all done! While using the standard supplied fixing wedges, the EVOline Fliptop series can be mounted into worktops from 10 up to 50mm. Never the less there are alternative approaches if worktops are thicker.