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EVOline revolutionalizes mobile wireless charging with its Qi-Charger and Square80

EVOline revolutionalizes mobile wireless charging

Despite the inherent diversity of the EVOline product range, we still believe that there is much more to offer regarding the customization of our products to specifically suit our clients’ needs. With this in mind, we have made deliberate efforts to ensure that our value addition efforts are primarily focused on customizing our charging systems to suit the emerging need for decentralized electrical distribution and data connectivity.

Nothing beats the convenience of having a wireless charger. Use it with your iPhone 8™, iPhone X™ or other Qi-capable devices at your workplace or at a business meeting. Sounds unreal right? Well, believe it or not, with our Qi-Charger and Square80, as a result, your charging needs are now wireless.

Read on for more about our Qi-Charger and Square80

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The Qi-Charger is all about minimalism. If you have Qi-capable iPhone 8™ or iPhone X™ like many people, our Qi-Charger gives you the luxury of charging your phone and other accessories on one charging station. Even more amazing is the fact that the charger is installable below the work surface, rendering it completely invisible. Once the charger is in place, all there is to do is just place your device on the work surface, and you are good to go.

Core principle

Built it into your home or workstation furniture, this is a completely wireless patented charger. Your device should be Qi-compatible of course. This also includes all different brands.

Qi-Charger advantages

Finally, at the courtesy of our wireless Qi-Charger, you are now safe from the annoying cable spaghetti. The influx of new smartphones and related accessories into the market has seen battery running times shortened drastically. However, this is no cause for concern for those equipped with our Qi-charger, since its wireless capability allows you to use your device as it charges.

Sometimes, purchasing a new device raises the need to buy an original charger since most devices on the market today have their own charger connections. The need to buy a new charger every time you purchase a new device is eliminated with our wireless Qi-Charger. This is because our wireless chargers boast the ability to charge any Qi-compatible devices regardless of model, make, or manufacturer.

Say hello to a world of cable-free charging and forget cable spaghetti, the ever-annoying ‘low battery’ notification, as well as the hustle of purchasing different chargers every time you buy a new device!

The Square80


The EVOline Square80 can host a USB charger, a power socket, and a data connection in its 80mm diameter housing. Despite its closed position, the square gives you an excellent offer. A sliding cover that offers an inductive technology for charging mobiles that posses wireless charging capability.

The EVOline Square80 with Qi-Charger in the cover is revolutionary. This mobile wireless charging gadget combines data connectivity and power in one compact, hidden versatile solution. Built into the Square’s sliding cover, the Qi-charger is well capable of charging compatible mobile devices. In both, open and closed positions, wirelessly.

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In summary, customers who opt for our Square80 can benefit from the following features:

  • Future proof technology which entails 1 or 2 universal USB chargers and the latest inductive charging tech
  • Retrofitting possible
  • Easy installation
  • Data connector RJ45 CAT6 shielded
  • Data connection via a pull-out cable RJ45 CAT6 shielded
  • Built under BS6396 guidelines
  • Designed and manufactured in Germany, therefore reliability and a sense of authenticity
  • Portability, not only can it house a USB charger and socket, but also RJ45 data connection and Qi-Charger. All in a relatively small 80mm diameter casing
  • Different sliding covers are available in black, white and stainless steel paint
  • Finally, it is worth mentioning that localized versions are available for VDE (Schuko-German), B/F (Schuko-French), Denmark and Switzerland

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Technical Data Qi-Charger

Dimensions: 79 mm × 16 mm
Operating voltage: 19 V DC
Power consumption (Operating ): 5,5 W
Power consumption (Standby): 0,2 W
Operating temperature range: 17 °C – 25 °C
Maximum temperature range: 0 °C – 40 °C

Technical Data DC Adaptor

Power input AC: 100 VAC– 240 VAC, 0,35 A
Power output DC: 19 VDC, 630 mA

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™ = Trademark Apple Computer, Inc.