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EVOline Square80, for the smallest of spaces

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Innovative technology for the smallest of spaces

EVOline Square80 fits into standard openings that are pre-made with a diameter of 80 mm. It provides a power socket, a USB charger, and a data connection.In a closed position, only the sliding cover of the Square80 is noticeable. However, this lid can be pushed to the side exposing a power socket and a Type-A USB Charger. In addition, an RJ45 data connector, a pull-out patch cable, or a secondary USB Charger is also possible on demand.

Not an ordinary cable outlet

Square80 converts conventional cable outlets into valuable power and data springs on the desktop. For instance toward wireless charging of smartphones, the unit can optionally be outfitted with a Qi-charging coil.

Qi-Charger optional

In its Qi-version the EVOline Square 80 offers an additional wireless charging surface integrated into the cover, for charging of Qi capable devices. Similarly, wireless charging works fine when the lid is open or closed. Please be aware, this unit will not charge phones that are not Qi-compatible or do not have a Qi-charging coil built-in.

Superior product design

The EVOline Square80 was awarded the Good Design Award 2015 and the iF DESIGN AWARD 2015. Above all, Square80 is an outstanding product.

Tool-free, simple installation

The Square80 can be simply fitted in any office furniture that is furnished with a standardized cable aperture of 80mm. In addition, the mounting system for panel thicknesses of up to 50mm guarantees fast and simple mounting.

Different colors are available

  • Black
  • White
  • Stainless steel look (paint)
In conclusion, the EVOline Square80 fits into standard worktop openings. Meaning that the unit fits within grommet openings with a diameter of 80 mm.

New Square80: Power, USB Charger, Qi-Charger and data