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  /  3 December, 2018
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EVOline Products: Original pop up outlet spare parts

Evoline Products in your business

Running a business can be so demanding since there’s literary no shortage of things to manage. You need to oversee the employees, time, budgets, and productivity. But, is there something managers often forget to maintain that could end up saving businesses tones of time and improve efficiency? Almost all business is reliant on cables for the facilitation of essentials like electricity and data. Surprisingly though, most managers neglect cable management, which is the one thing that could make work more comfortable and the office more conducive.

Improve Business Efficiency and Organization with EVOline Products

EVOline products comprise innovative cable management systems that offer the perfect solutions for keeping power cords safe, functional, and well organized. Regardless of whether you manage an office, production studio, retail space, or data center, the highly advanced products from EVOline will ensure that your business observes all safety requirements. Products like Port and Dock Systems use cord covers. Push to reveal system and easy cable guides to smartly prevent cable-related issues like accidental trips, cable cuts, and naked power lines. Also, these products keep your work environment clean. By hiding cables under the desks with pop up outlets, tackling excess cord lengths makes it easier to clean the office and also prevents dust from collecting in small spaces.

EVOline Exchangeable Modules: Flexible Workstation for the Modern Office

Today, the typical office desk is full of tech gadgets and equipment that are crucial to daily office tasks. Printers, computer peripherals, smartphones, USB docks, and headsets are some of the workstation accessories common on most office desks. EVOline provides different innovative products that offer multifunctional tailored connections. These are easily interchangeable to connect your devices fast and efficiently.

The EVOline Dock-Square, for example, includes a power cable small enough to affix to your desk. Yet versatile enough to connect multiple pieces of equipment like your laptop, USB-enable devices like mouse, keyboard, and Smartphone charging system. As well as extra exchangeable modules like VGA/HDMI plugs and data ports which can be easily attached when needed.
EVOline exchangeable modules by EVOlineStore

Additionally, these EVOline systems can be easily fitted on kitchen surfaces, shelves, and other areas. For instance thanks to the two double-sided adhesive strips that securely stick the dock-square to any smooth surfaces. What’s more exciting about EVOline exchangeable modules is that you can design your tailored systems that fit and meet your needs. Whether you want extra power sockets, additional USB ports, or extended HDMI cables. EVOline will make a custom pop up outlet cable management system according to your preferences.

EVOline Standard Modules: Easily Upgradable Connection Modules

A modern office should be able to integrate new technological advancements quickly. Unfortunately, most office equipment and accessories get obsolete and unusable when a new product enters the market. Adapting to cutting-edge solutions helps a company to stay ahead of the completion. EVOline products save you money. Instead of throwing out old peripherals, you can replace them with newer models. For example, a few years ago, VGA was the ideal module for video connections. Today, the industry standard is HDMI and DisplayPort.
EVOline modules - EVOlineStore

Therefore, if you have an EVOline dock, instead of replacing the whole equipment you only need to install the newer HDMI module cable. Module replacement also applies to updated USB 3.1 Type C module cables, RJ45 Modular CAT6 modules, and DisplayPorts. You can also upgrade the dock to include the latest wireless charging surface. Exchanging old connection modules for the most recent standards ensures you avoid downtimes and ultimately save money.

Availability of Original EVOline pop up outlet spare parts

EVOline Spare parts - EVOlineStoreAll equipment is unpredictable and is eventually bound to fail – even for the most quality products. But, by ensuring you use original pop up outlet spare parts when replacing damaged modules and accessories, you will prolong the life and usability of the equipment and prevent downtimes caused by regular breakdowns. EVOline provides a variety of genuine high-quality pop up outlet spare parts for their products to ensure smooth running at optimal performance and a longer lifespan for your valuable business assets. Even so, you should always take preventive measures to avoid malfunctions and damages by preventing things like:

  • Pulling plugs out of sockets by the cord.
  • Placing cables under floor coverings or rugs
  • Overstretching cords
  • Overloading electrical outlets


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