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EVOline Standard Modules

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For repairs and when requirements change

EVOline Standard Modules are frequently used for repairs and when customer conditions change. Some years ago VGA was the standard for video connections. Nowadays the market has shifted to the HDMI and DisplayPort standard. A logical choice would be to replace the older VGA modules for the latest standards.
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Not for everyone to do…

Not all systems are outfitted with the do-it-yourself modules. Unlike the exchangeable modules used in the EVOline Fliptop Push, FrameDock, Port Push, and Dock Square series. Luckily, this does not mean that you cannot replace these EVOline Standard Modules.

Handy persons

If you are a “handy guy” you can just order the required module and exchange the defective or unused module yourself. If “hands-on” is not quite your thing, check with your local repair shop for assistance. There is no need to stick with outdated or defective systems for the future.

Many more modules

There are many more EVOline Standard Modules available, contact us if you require modules that are not in our web store (yet).EVOline Standard Modules; useful for repairs or upgrade.

Module overview

Since little customizations can produce a large effect on daily use, take a look at our module overview.