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  /  12 May, 2016
EVOline Plug - EVOlineStore

EVOline Plug in black and white

Life’s good, you feel great…

Do you recognize this situation? You just bought a new beautiful king-size flat-screen TV or another electrical product. Now you want to see how it looks in your home. Yes!! this is perfect, exactly as you expected it to be. Life’s good, you feel great.

Ok, let’s connect all wires and clean up all packaging stuff. Then you realize, where does the plug go… The standard plug is big, clumsy, and very unattractive to see. And of course, the color is wrong. Who ships a product with a black plug? You need a white one. Or, just the other way around. Your feeling just got less great.

Another strategy

Time for another strategy, hide the ugly thing! Good thinking, but the only available socket is behind furniture. Pulling the furniture sideways or to the front is not an option. Now, what to do? Hence life just became less good…

Fortunately, there is a great solution available. The EVOline Plug. It is very flat, has a special mechanism for unplugging, and comes in black and white. It is on the market for a while and has won many international awards for design and functionality. Strangely enough, this is not a very well known product.

EVOline Plug - EVOlineStore

The extra-flat EVOline Plug fits effortlessly behind every piece of furniture. Its moveable plug face and extended grip can be easily removed from the wall without force and thus can also be used by elderly people. A tug of the cord automatically loosens the Plug from the socket, thus preventing accidents.

Available in three models

The Plug is available in three models: as an extension cord, as a triple socket rail, and as a simple plug head for self-installation. The Plug’s smart ergonomics and its minimalist design have gained numerous awards.

EVOline Plug - EVOlineStore

The EVOline Plug is only available for VDE (Schuko) power sockets. Unfortunately, other world standard power sockets cannot be fitted with the unique rotating plug-head that features the EVOline Plug.

To give the EVOline Plug the attention it deserves, we bring you this information and also decided to lower the price for a limited amount of time.

EVOline Plug super flat plug a great solution in black and white

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