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Flat EVOline Plug, fits behind any cupboard

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Ultra-low profile flat plug

The EVOline Plug ultra-low profile easily fits behind any piece of furniture. The intelligent joint mechanism transforms the handle into a lever – and the plug can be easily removed from the socket. Even in case of a pull on the cable, the extreme flat plug is released without damage.

EVOline Plug Fix

EVOline Plug Fix as a flat plug solution for manufacturers cannot be dismounted. Our range offers flat plug versions with wire end ferrules, couplings, 3-way socket rail, or connectors.

Just 5 millimeters

With an installation height of just 5 millimeters, the EVOline® Plug and PlugFix connectors are extremely space-saving and fit behind every piece of furniture.EVOline Plug, extremely flat plug with movable plug-head.Check out our blog item

Using sockets behind furniture - flat plugs and what to look out for

Due to their low installation height, flat plugs are used in sockets that are difficult to access, e.g. behind furniture. When using and purchasing the flat angled plugs, some safety-relevant specifications must be observed. Certified flat connectors are available at EVOlineStore.

Flat plugs, also known as flat angled plugs with protective contact, are useful when a socket is hidden behind a piece of furniture or another obstacle. The socket can be exposed, but when the furniture is moved in front of it again, the cable with the plug protrudes too far. Flat connectors solve this problem and are available in several different finishes.

However, it is mostly not known how important it is to pay attention to VDE conformity and technical specifications with these plugs. Fixed sockets may not be able to withstand the thermal load and may catch fire if, for example, the flat plug cannot be inserted deep enough. This so-called partial connection could bend the contacts in the socket or cause arcing faults.

Flat angled plugs that meet the technical specifications meet the following conditions:
  • The applicable requirements of the VDE standard are complied with and the technical specification also applies
  • Shape and material allow easy removal by hand (without tools)
  • The gripping surface or lever (latch) on the flat plug function without the cable being pulled
  • The lever only works in the direction of use and is permanently mounted
  • The flat plugs can be FULLY plugged into the socket without being deformed, partial plug-ins are not allowed (minimum protrusion of the socket must be observed)
  • The plugs must not slide out without assistance (not even if the cable is accidentally pulled)
  • Warnings and safety instructions are available to the consumer Pictograms are explained
  • Flat plugs must not protrude over switches or other sockets

When buying, the consumer can rely on compliance with these criteria if the supplier has already taken care of them. EVOlineStore sells only certified flat plugs.