Flat EVOline Plug, fits behind any cupboard

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Ultra-low profile flat plug

The EVOline Plug ultra-low profile easily fits behind any piece of furniture. The intelligent joint mechanism transforms the handle into a lever – and the plug can be easily removed from the socket. Even in case of a pull on the cable, the extreme flat plug is released without damage.

EVOline Plug Fix

EVOline Plug Fix as a flat plug solution for manufacturers cannot be dismounted. Our range offers flat plug versions with wire end ferrules, couplings, 3-way socket rail, or connectors.

Just 5 millimeters

With an installation height of just 5 millimeters, the EVOline® Plug and PlugFix connectors are extremely space-saving and fit behind every piece of furniture.

EVOline Plug, extremely flat plug with movable plug-head.

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