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EVOline White Dock and R-Dock available

White Dock and R-Dock available

There are new white versions of the EVOline Dock series available. Besides the EVOline Fliptop, that was already available in a white and black version, the EVOline Dock and R-Dock are now available in white.

Some product details

An EVOline R-Dock can be installed into any right-angle corner. With its flat back and an angled front face, it is comfortable to use. Install back to back on a flat surface for a double unit – obviously freely configurable.

Dock and R-Dock

Example product EVOline R-Dock SMALL

Aluminum housing, three sockets, VDE-compliant, 0°, 16 A, contact-protected. Fixed supply cable 3.0 m with plug. Power supply cable entry at the left side of the bottom from the profile.

Back to back mounting

R-Dock’s from EVOline can be mounted back to back and are easy to operate with their slanted front. Creating a free-standing double unit is simple, back to back it becomes a double unit.

R-Dock back-to-back - EVOlineStore

Customizable with all power socket, data and multimedia modules. Power supply options:

  • Fixed Power Supply Cable through the bottom of the profile. Available with several country-specific plugs, with wire end ferrules, Wieland GST 18i3, or WAGO WINSTA Connector
  • End cap with Wieland GST 18i3, or WAGO WINSTA power input or output connector
  • End cap with fixed power supply cable Available with several country-specific plugs, EVOline Plug, wire end ferrules, Wieland GST 18i3- or WAGO WINSTA Connector

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We can supply all white and black versions as “special product”. More information about customs and specials