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EVOline R-Dock, contemporary and modern

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Installed into any right-angled corner

The EVOline R-Dock can be installed into any right-angled corner. With its flat back and angled front fascia, it is pleased to use. Freely configurable with almost all available EVOline modules.

Back to back

When positioned back to back, the EVOline R-Dock can serve 2 opposite worktops, creating a very nice look.

Power supply options

  • Fixed Power Supply Cable through the bottom of the profile. Available with several country-specific plugs, with wire end ferrules, Wieland GST 18i3, or WAGO WINSTA Connector
  • End cap with Wieland GST 18i3, or WAGO WINSTA power input or output connector
  • End cap with fixed power supply cable Available with several country-specific plugs, EVOline Plug, wire end ferrules, Wieland GST 18i3- or WAGO WINSTA Connector
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