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EVOline Square80: Power, USB Charger, Qi-Charger and data hidden by a sliding cover

EVOline Square80

Cable apertures in desks and worktops are standard. This standard opening in the work surface can offer you more than just a hole with cover. Now there is the EVOline Square80, a revolutionary mobile wireless charging device that brings together power and data connectivity inside a compact, concealed, and versatile solution. In addition to the power socket, USB Charger, and data connection the EVOline Square80 is also available with the latest wireless inductive charging technology, Qi.

EVOline Square80 - QiCharger - EVOlineStoreThe Qi-charger is built into the Evoline Square’s sliding cover and can charge mobile devices (requiring compatible mobile devices) in the open or closed position, without the need for any cables. When closed, all is hidden by a sliding cover.

Standard Features

  • Available with future-proofed technology, including the high-performance Universal USB Charger and Qi technology
  • Easy to install and can be retrofitted
  • Swiss warranted performance data connection
  • Conforms to BS6396 guidelines (where applicable)
  • Made and designed in Germany

The EVOline Square80 provides a socket, a USB Charger, and optionally an RJ45 data connection inside the 80 mm diameter housing. Even in a closed position, the EVOline Square80 gives you a smart offer: The sliding cover in its Qi-version provides an inductive technology for wireless charging of suitable mobiles.

Extra option

For Square80 versions without Qi-Charger, there is an extra option for 2x USB charger.

Different colors are available

  • Black
  • White
  • Stainless steel look (paint)

Easy installation without tools

The EVOline Square80 can be easily installed in any worktop that is equipped with a standardized cable aperture of 80 millimeters. The mounting system developed by EVOline for panel thicknesses of up to 50 millimeters ensures easy and swift installation.

Localized versions available

  • VDE (Schuko-German)
  • B/F (Schuko-French)
  • Denmark
  • Switzerland
  • UL (USA)

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