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Several reasons why you may need a Pop-Up Outlet in your worktop

Everywhere countertop outlets are popping up in cuisines and pantries

Do you also require them?

From convenience to appearance to regulation requirements and safety, here are some reasons why you may want or be obliged to have Pop-Up Outlet in your countertop.

Kitchen peninsulas and islands have their own individual electrical code

Depending on the country you live in, at least one outlet is required in each peninsular countertop. A peninsula is defined as a worktop that has a dimension of 30cm by 60cm or greater. The long dimensions are measured from the associated straight wall.

The equivalent rule that applies to walls sometimes refers to islands. Your local building code can require the same number of outlets every 60cm in an island or peninsula since it doesn’t have a connected wall. Please check your local code requirements to prevent unpleasant surprises and think about pop up countertop outlets.

Windows can be in the way of wall outlets, as well as sink and range plans

The local building code might expect walls to have outlet spacing every 60cm in kitchens. If for instance, a window is where an outlet should be, then installing an outlet that pops out of your countertop could be the only option. Hence another reason for pop up countertop outlets.

Another code might state that the countertop space behind a sink and a wall can’t exceed 45cm without an outlet on the wall behind it.  If there is no wall behind your sink to install an outlet, and you have exceeded these limits, then you may need an outlet in your countertop to pass the building code.
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Keep hazardous and ugly cords from dangling over the sides of islands

With the popularity of wide islands in current years, it has become customary to place outlets on the sides of the island. The hanging cords from there have become a security risk for children. From getting an arm caught while running to the kids yanking on the cords and then small appliances falling on them. A Pop-Up outlet placed directly in the countertop keeps the cables out of the way so children can’t trip over or tear on them.

Islands have become the located place for meals and beverages when hosting. Side outlets on islands don’t always enable you to get an appliance you need on your counter exactly, where you need it. This is especially true for the middle of large islands. Pop up outlets let you put the receptacle wherever you wish on the island, producing a clearer face instead of cables going over your countertops.

Convenience when charging using Pop-Up Outlets or pop up countertop outlets

Pop-Up Outlets aren’t meant only for powering food-related tools, but also for charging any mobile device.  Smartphones, notebooks, and tablets are often used on kitchen islands. With the capability to charge via USB type-A and type-C charging ports, or a wireless QI charging top, there are various opportunities to charge multiple devices at once. From cooking to charging your phone to kids doing homework, everyone can have an outlet to plug their device into.

No outlets in your backsplash

If you are renovating your kitchen or constructing a new home, chances are you have spent innumerable hours choosing the perfect backsplash.  It might be uncomfortable to have to cut into your lovely brand-new backsplash and clutter it with unappealing sockets. Pop up outlets are an alternative resolution, and can be hidden in the counter where they are almost not obvious. You can also place them in the bottom of the cabinets, they are concealed when not in use but pop down when wanted.

Consider Pop-Up Outlets for ALL of your electrical needs

Pop up outlets can be installed in many other residential applications besides the kitchen. Anywhere you need electricity – a pop up may be the solution. Need extra outlets for the appliances in your pantry? Want to de-clutter your bathroom counters? Does the garage workspace need outlets for power tools? Do you ever use small devices on your dining room table? Do you use small appliances in your home bar? ALL of these situations are perfect for Pop-Up Outlet outlets. Pop up outlets are not only great for domestic goals, but they can also be fitted in business utilization such as resorts, airports, and eateries.

Always check your local building code before installing any Pop-Up Outlet

Building codes for countertop outlet implementation differs all over the world. We recommend checking your local situation and consult an electrician to see what is required of your specific kitchen before renovation or developing a new home.
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Always buy an approved for countertops pop up

At EVOlineStore.com, we solely sell pop up power outlets that are certified for use in countertops. They can be installed in granite, marble, quartz, wood, concrete, or any stone surface. We look forward to helping you choose the best pop up for your space.

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