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EVOline Port, the retractable solution

Do you require international power sockets or do none of the standard units fit your requirements? Simply create your own variant. Try it for yourself using our designtool for EVOline Port variantsDesign your own EVOline Port variant - EVOlineStore

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The retractable solution

The EVOline Port lets sockets and cables simply disappear. Just the collar and cover of the Port are visible on the work surface. EVOline Port, the best retractable and affordable solution.

Easy pull-up

The easy pull-up motion lets the high-quality aluminum body appear and subsequently, a push-down motion lets it disappear below the surface even with attached plugs. The patented rocking cover creates enough space as a cable outlet.

Different versions

There are different types of EVOline Port categories. For just power, there is a "Power Port". When you need data connections there are "Port Data". For mains power and charging all kinds of USB powered devices, there are "USB Charger Ports". If connecting multimedia devices there are "Multimedia Ports" and "Cable Guide Ports".

Where to use?

The EVOline Port line is perfect for any countertop area, as well as kitchen islands. It can be used in possibly wet locations needing recessed power such as pantries, closets, workbenches, bars, and various uses at airports, resorts, and restaurants.

For what to use?

Use the pop up to power for small appliances such as coffee makers, blenders, toaster ovens, warming trays, and other many items. It can also be employed for charging mobile devices such as tablets and phones with a suitable adapter.

Where to install?

The pop up can be installed in granite, quartz, limestone, quartz, wood, laminate, concrete, Corian, or any other surface where you can cut the needed 102mm hole. Shop with assurance at, buy cool receptacles for your kitchen granite and quartz countertops with hidden under counter-power. We have the greatest kitchen island electrical power socket ideas and accessories of pop-ups to pop-outs.