EVOline Dock Square / 2x power / 1x USB charger / Free slot / Black

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Dock Square black

EVOline Dock Square, 2x power sockets, 1x USB charger, a 1x Free slot for an exchangeable module.

EVOline Dock Square black: Versatility at its Finest!


EVOline Dock Square black

Specifications EVOline Dock Square black

    • Power cable with GST18 plug


Version power2 way / 2 sockets
Charger1 way / 1 socket USB A, 2.1A
Free exchangeable slot1x supporting 50×50 exchangeable modules
Nominal power16 A
Power current230 V/50 Hz
Length power cable3m
Color power cableBlack
Color profile/housingBlack, anodized aluminum
Color side coversBlack
Mounting2x adhesive tape


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EVOline Dock Square black: Versatility at its Finest

Introducing interchangeable modules for data and multimedia that allow for customized connections. The module bar is angled upward. It allows for greater ease of access and interchange module components. Cable-routing with the EVOline Dock Square is a breeze, and there are readily-located cable connections.

The removal and replacement of these segments require no specialized knowledge or equipment. There are a variety of devices to choose from. The range allows you to acquire only those units to match your own unique needs and to add more as your requirements may grow and change in the future.

EVOline Dock Square black is a new generation connection dock.

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