EVOline One / 1x power socket / cover ring + cover / White

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One Cover-ring + cover White

EVOline One Cover-ring + cover White, 1x power, 1x cover-ring, 1x rotating cover white

The new One is individually configurable and can be adapted to different needs.

Please be aware that the rotating cover is not available for some international power socket versions as UK, USA, and AUS

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EVOline One Cover-ring + cover White

Specifications EVOline One Cover-ring + cover White

Version power1 way / 1 socket
Nominal power16 A
Power current230 V/50 Hz
Length power cable1m
Color power cableWhite, VDE plug
Color profile/housingWhite, white plastic
Color cover ring + coverWhite
Mounting2x integrated clamping pieces


Versatile application options

The new built-in solution EVOline One is not only an illusive eye-catcher for worktops but also satisfies with its versatile application options. Thanks to its nearly flush mounting, the electrification system blends discreetly and at the same time space-savingly into every situation.

Horizontally or vertically

The round single socket can be installed horizontally or vertically and can be adapted to the respective requirements thanks to the wide range of module inserts.

Easy and safe installation

Installation only expects a hole cut out of 54 millimeters in broadness. The patent-pending clamping pieces ensure a secure hold from plate thickness of 9 millimeters.

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How to use the EVOline One

EVOline One Animation

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