EVOline USB 3.0 exchangeable module


USB 3.0 exchangeable multimedia module

It can be used in EVOline Fliptop Push, FrameDock + Dock Square series. Cable length 0.2m.

This is not a module for USB charging. The module can be used to charge other devices, but only if connected to another device that provides power.

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EVOline USB 3.0 multimedia exchangeable module

Specifications EVOline USB 3.0 exchangeable module

  • Exchangeable module
VersionUSB 3.0
Connector typeType A
Cable lengthcable 0.2m
Module size50x50mm for exchangeable frame
Usable in consoleFliptop Push, FrameDock, Dock Square

USB-Connector 3.0 Type-A, for connection of USB standard consumer devices up to 5 GBit/s. 1/1-Module