EVOline VGA/Audio/HDMI/0.2m exchangeable module


VGA-Audio-HDMI exchangeable module

VGA + Audio + HDMI into 1 exchangeable frame

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EVOline VGA-Audio-HDMI exchangeable module

Specifications EVOline VGA-Audio-HDMI exchangeable module

    • Exchangeable module


VersionVGA, Audio 3.5, HDMI 1.4
ContactsHDMI, gold plated
Connector typeStandard size
Cable lengthall pigtails 0.2m cable
Module size50x50mm for exchangeable frame
Usable in consoleFliptop Push, FrameDock, Dock Square


Advantage by using exchangeable modules

Exchangeable modules for data and multimedia guarantee unlimited flexibility in case demands at the workplace change. We already provide a number of exchangeable modules. This collection will grow once more modules become available.

How to use these exchangeable modules

There are special frames for installing exchangeable modules. The size of these frames is 50x50mm. There are exchangeable modules that use half of this size (25mm). Other modules are (50mm) they use the full size.  The type of module determent’s the size. Therefore not all types can be joined.
Every exchangeable frame can hold 2x 25mm modules or a single 50mm module. Combine two 25mm modules into one an exchangeable frame. The factory needs to do this.  Hence the customer cannot do this.

Contact us for more news or specific questions. The factory creates double modules due to the requirements of the customer. Later you can mount this module into the exchangeable frame. Definitely, exchangeable modules make the difference!