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EVOline CableGuide

As of today, we added several new types of EVOline Port CableGuide to our store. The EVOline CableGuide module is already available for a while, but still not very well known. It is a variation of the well known EVOline pop up socket or pop up socket tower.

intelligent cable guiding

What makes it special? Why should you want to use it? Firstly, the answer is simple. The EVOline Cable Guide is a very flexible solution to add more functionality to your EVOline Port unit.
This module offers an intelligent cable guiding solution. You can install any cable of any length as needed.  It allows easy to extract and retract cables. This provides the user with a variable and adaptable approach to connecting Laptops, Tablet PCs, or other devices in conference facilities and rooms.

The three flexible guides accept almost any cable. The cables can be released and swapped without the aid of any tools, allowing a great deal of user flexibility.

Custom or special

As with almost all EVOline consoles we can supply this module as custom or special to any EVOline pop-up socket tower configuration you might require. Our standard items make it easier for customers to pick a specific version. If your requirements are different, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We gladly supply you with a quotation that includes all the modules you need.

Please be aware that we stock only items with power sockets based on the VDE / Schuko-German standard. We do supply all other world standards of power sockets. For more information take a look at our modules page under the tab “power modules”.

Maybe you need other world standard power sockets? Just specify the types and amount you need in an email. We will gladly supply you with a quotation. To create your personal favorite you can also just use our designtool

Contact us for any custom or special product you require

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