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EVOline Cable Guide Ports

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What is it?

What is the EVOline Cable Guide Port? It is a very flexible solution to add more functionality to the EVOline Port systems. The EVOline Cable Guide Port offers an intelligent cable guiding solution. Any cable of any length can be installed as needed.  It allows easy extract and retracts cables. This provides the user a variable and adaptable approach to connecting Laptops, Tablet PC’s or other devices in conference facilities and rooms.

Three flexible guides

The three flexible guides accept almost any cable. The cables can be released and swapped without the aid of any tools, allowing a great deal of user flexibility.

The retractable solution

The EVOline Port lets sockets and cables simply disappear. Just the collar and cover of the Port are visible on the work surface.

Easy pull-up

The easy pull-up motion lets the high-quality aluminum body appear and subsequently, a push-down motion lets it disappear below the surface even with attached plugs. The patented rocking cover creates enough space for cable outlet.EVOline Cable Guide Port is a very flexible cabling solution