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  /  6 November, 2020
EVOline Circle80 German Design Award - VDE white - EVOlineStore

EVOline Circle80 wins German Design Award Special 2021!

EVOline Circle80 built-in socket + double/dual USB charger

EVOline Circle80 wins German Design Award. The Circle80 built-in socket was awarded the German Design Award in the “Special Mention” category.

The built-in socket Circle80 from EVOline received an award in the “Special Mention” category at the German Design Awards. The design-oriented, multifunctional three-in-one solution is a socket, cable outlet, and double USB charger in one. In addition, the modular Circle80 installation solution is available in different versions in our web store.

German Design Council, awards the German Design Award

Every year Germany’s most renowned design institution, the German Design Council, awards the German Design Award. Once again, an EVOline product convinced the jury. The Circle80 built-in socket received an award in the “Special Mention” category. The multifunctional three-in-one solution Circle80 built-in socket combines the functions of power connection, double USB charger, and cable outlet in one.  The cable outlet can also contain special modules like HDMI, USB multimedia, or a CAT6 data connection.

“Timeless design, a clear shape as well as intuitive operation characterize the EVOline products and will also have impressed the jury at the Circle80” as we expect. Above all the EVOline Circle80 can be individualized with so-called locking modules and international power socket modules are also available. A cable outlet with an integrated slide for locking excess cables makes them disappear from the desk and ensures clear cable management. With a low installation depth and rapid assembly from above, installation is easy. The built-in socket as a desk connection panel is available in white and black.

EVOline Circle 80 - EVOlineStore

Multiple award-winning EVOline products

The multiple award-winning EVOline products are available at EVOlineStore. Furthermore, the EVOline range includes built-in sockets, socket strips, flat plugs, and multiple sockets/table connection panels. Systems for kitchens, living rooms, data centers, hotel rooms, libraries, conference rooms, or congress centers. All EVOline products, including the BackFlip, Bridge, Dock, FlipTop Push, FrameDock, One, Port, Plug, and Square series, are available in our web store.

EVOline Circle80 wins German Design Award by the German Design Council

The German Design Award is given by the German Design Council, the German brand, and design authority. Its mission: to represent the German design scene. Founded as a foundation in 1953 on the initiative of the German Bundestag, it supports the economy in consistently achieving added brand value through design. In other words, this makes the German Design Council one of the world’s leading competence centers for communication and brand management in the field of design.

February 2021

The German Design Award will actually be presented in February 2021 as part of the Ambiente trade fair in Frankfurt am Main. How and whether the award ceremony will be influenced by Corona remains to be seen.

About EVOlineStore

EVOlineStore is a premium online distributor for EVOline products. In addition to highly innovative energy management solutions, EVOline manufactures multifunctional desk connection panels and socket rails for kitchens, living rooms and hotel rooms, libraries, conference rooms, and congress centers. Similarly, numerous EVOline products have won awards for technical innovation and elegant product design. Such as the EVOline Port Push, FlipTop Push, V-Port, BackFlip, Square80, Plug, and also the EVOline Port. In addition, the company’s focus is on future topics such as energy management. Also energy efficiency for data centers and industry as well as building installation systems.

In conclusion, EVOlineStore supplies you with the award-winning Circle80, and offers to ship to you worldwide.