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Our Philosophy

EVOline knows life is continually becoming more complex, more flexible and more mobile. From static to temporary, from central to decentralized, from analog to digital. These significant shifts make new demands on our everyday infrastructure.
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The e-place

At home, at work, between here and there – we need power and data everywhere in order to truly blossom creatively and to connect to the world. More than ever before, the place to be is a place with an ergonomic and intelligent electronic environment: the e-place.

Thinking ahead

EVOline is always thinking a step ahead of the technical requisites for comfort and productivity, creating sophisticated system solutions for the e-place. Be it a clockmaker’s workbench or a broker’s desk, it can be built to ideally suit any and every profession. What’s more, EVOline has the answer for kitchens, living areas, hotel rooms, conference spaces, libraries, and convention centers.

User-friendly and advanced solutions

From a single flat plug that fits behind every piece of furniture to the decentralized electrical scheme for entire buildings, EVOline delivers user-friendly and advanced solutions for any and all activities that need power and data. EVOline stands for elegance, effectiveness, and evolutionary thinking – the next level of the co-evolution of man and technology.

We offer personalized solutions

We and even YOU can design systems, according to your personal preferences and personalized requirements. Feel free to use our product designtool
For customers that are looking for bargains, we have those available in our factory outlet. The outlet section is structured by power socket type, giving everyone an excellent overview of applicable reduced products.
EVOline place with an ergonomic environment: THE e-place