EVOline Circle80, the 3 into 1 solution for modern worktops

Do you require international power sockets or do none of the standard units fit your requirements?
Simply create your own variant. Try it for yourself using our designtool for EVOline Circle80 variantsDesign your own EVOline Circle80 - EVOlineStore

Easy access everywhere

EVOline Circle80, the 3 within 1 solution for contemporary worktops

EVOline Circle80 - International power sockets - EVOlineStore

Worldwide usable

The EVOline Circle80 is manufactured on customer order with international sockets and USB chargers. The integrated USB double charger supplies mobile phones, trays, cameras, etc. with a charging current of up to 2.1 amperes.

Fast mounting

The EVOline Circle80 can be used for worktops from 10mm and up. With a simple screwdriver, anyone can mount the unit.

EVOline Circle80 - mounting white - EVOlineStore

Easy access

The cable-outlet holds a movable cable guide to prevent cables from dropping down. This way there is more space left on the worktop.

EVOline Circle80, a great 3 into 1 solution for modern worktops