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  /  1 July, 2020
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The Worktop Power Unit Buying Guide – Surface Vs Flush Mounting

EVOline Worktop Power Buying Guide – Surface Vs Flush

Power units have become must-haves in modern kitchens. A typical home can have about ten appliances and devices that need connections. Maybe you want to connect your laptop as you follow recipes online without having to worry about the battery dying. With a socket in the kitchen, you can have your phone close and avoid missing important calls while you cook. EVOline Worktop power units are increasingly popular solutions to solve such issues. Installing a socket on the kitchen worktop offers several benefits. The setup is highly convenient, allowing quick access to appliances when in the kitchen. EVOline has an extensive range of countertop power units to cater to various requirements. For instance the Fliptop Push, Port Push, EVOline One and Backflip series.

One decision to make when fitting a socket is whether it should be a surface or flush mount. Surface mounting keeps the device raised slightly from the countertop. On the other hand, flush mounting sets the socket level with the surface. This guide compares the two installation options so that buyers can make informed decisions.

EVOline Fliptop Push - EVOlineStore

Surface mounting versus flush-mounting an EVOline Fliptop unit


EVOline Fliptop Flush-mounted full-black

Efficiency when Cleaning

A big concern when fitting power units on a worktop is the ease of cleaning. A kitchen countertop requires regular cleaning, sometimes several times a day. Wherever you choose to fit the socket, the on-surface mount simplifies cleaning and installation. Whether you are wiping the surface or washing it thoroughly, this setup is uncomplicated. With an EVOline power unit, you can raise the device and clean it. Some users prefer to have the socket on the floor rather than a work surface. You get the same results with a slightly elevated installation.

Flush-mounted sockets present challenges

Conversely, a flush-mounted socket would present challenges during clean up. With the device on the same level as the countertop, the chances of splashing water, detergent, or other cleaning solutions on it are very high. Besides the cleaning challenges, there is also extra installation time and cost to consider. Flush mounting requires extra time and precision from your installer. On a wooden surface, you might consider doing some do-it-yourself if you are a handy person. When the countertop pop up receptacle is to be used in a stone or marble worktop you definitely need a workspace supplier that has CNC machine capabilities. Better looks usually come with higher price tags.

EVOline Backflip Flush-mounted - EVOlineStore

Flush-mounting versus surface mounting an EVOline Backflip unit


EVOline Backflip Surface-mounted - EVOlineStore

The Risk of Damage

Flush mount sockets have the advantage of looking better on workspaces than their surface counterparts. However, for the improved aesthetics, you have to deal with the increased damage risk of a flush setup. With the power unit in the counter, it’s easy to overlook it and place heavy objects on it. If the socket doesn’t have the necessary protection, accidental damage is highly likely. Then there is the damage that comes with accidental spillages on workspaces. Children can also drop objects on the surface. Whether the device is on the kitchen countertop, home office, or other areas, on-surface mounting can prevent most of these issues. For one, the raised socket is hard to miss. Seeing the unit as you work reminds you to avoid it. Even children will have no trouble spotting a somewhat elevated socket.

EVOline One vertical Flush-mounted - EVOlineStore

Horizontal or Vertical flush-mounting

Many times people mount power units horizontally on a kitchen worktop or countertop. Often this is the logical choice but it brings possible challenges as described above. Now, this approach really changes when units are mounted vertically. Liquids like water tend to creep into spaces and run down vertically. When EVOline power units are mounted vertically, fluids simply run down on them and do not penetrate the housing in any way. This takes away many arguments against flush mounting when used vertically as clearly shown in the pictures below.

EVOline One vertical Flush-mounted kitchen - EVOlineStore

A More Responsive Workspace

When deciding on an EVOline worktop power unit, you must consider how they fit into your space. Fitting sockets on countertops will ease your work, and a worktop mounted power unit allows that. It provides an efficient work area where you don’t have to deal with cables running from the wall to the countertop. Surface-mounted power units are particularly suitable for kitchen islands where clean lines are a priority. You can set the toaster on the counter and connect it without worrying about tripping over cables. The sockets come in handy when dealing with limited space. Some homeowners prefer to have power connections on the wall. However, it’s not always possible, especially with small apartments. Because an elevated socket is quick to spot, you can connect appliances without too much to trouble, especially when cooking.

So, what do you prefer?

EVOline boasts a selection of revolutionary worktop power units designed for the modern-day user. Homeowners get elegant solutions for their power needs. On-surface mounting is the preferred setup at EVOline because it guarantees several advantages that are hard to pass up. On the other hand, flush mounting can create that extra look that some like so much. Take the time to find the most suitable sockets for your workspaces.