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EVOline Port Push, the retractable rectangular solution

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Do you require international power sockets or do none of the standard units fit your requirements? Simply create your own variant. Try it for yourself using our designtool for the EVOline Port PushDesign your own EVOline Port Push - EVOlineStore

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Push-To-Open function

The EVOline Port Push fits virtually flush with the work surface. By using the Push-To-Open function, the housing is released and appears above the work surface, enabling an easy pull up to connect power and data cables. With a light press of a finger, it retracts with connected leads. Slide dampers ensure a soft closing. The patented rocking cover enables a space-saving cable routing through the desk.

Future proof technology

The Port Push modules can be assembled to the customer’s needs. The interchangeable data and multimedia modules allow greater flexibility, enabling future-proof technology with ever-changing usage requirements.EVOlineStore supplies a variety of pop ups and receptacles for your kitchen, patio, and the rest of your house. Have you ever noticed there’s never a free outlet right where you want it? EVOline countertop outlets are safe, spill-proof considered power sources that blend in providing convenience and security. The units sit flush with your counter and pop up when you need them for charging your phone, tablet or powering an appliance.Check out our blog item: EVOline Port-Push, iconic design, and brilliant functionality