EVOline Bridge cable tray / floor duct / screw mounting


Bridge floor cable tray, screw mounting

EVOline Bridge duct, cable tray, floor tray,  cable bridge, mounting method screw mounting

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EVOline Bridge floor cable tray screw mounting

Specifications EVOline Bridge floor cable tray

    • EVOline bridge, aluminum cable duct
Length profile500mm,800 mm, 1200mm, 1600mm and 2000mm
Cable clips included4x or 8x (1600mm + 2000mm)
Center decor stripBlack
Mounting methodScrew mounting

No tripping hazard

The rail is firm, fit for rolling over and so flat that no tripping hazard arises.

Two chambers

Power and data cables are separated into two chambers in their sturdy anodized aluminum housing.

EVOline Bridge cable tray, floor duct mounting via screws.