EVOline Charger Qi built-in


EVOline Qi-Charger for Qi devices

Qi-Charger built-in module for any worktop. To be used for phones, tablets, and cameras. For all Qi devices with the Qi logo, meaning the device is Qi-capable.

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Technical details Charger Qi for Qi devices

Diameter79 mm
Height16 mm
DC voltage19 V
Power use while charging5 W
Power use during standby136 Mw
Power output630 mA

Charger Qi – EVOline revolutionalizes mobile wireless charging

Nothing beats the convenience of having a wireless charger. Use it with your iPhone 8™, iPhone X™ or other Qi-capable devices at your workplace or at a business meeting. Sounds unreal right? Well, believe it or not, with our Qi-Charger and Square80, as a result, your charging needs are now wireless.

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Wireless charging

  • Resonant inductive coupling between the transmitter (charging station) and receiver (mobile phone)
  • Vendor independent charges all Qi devices
  • The transmitter coil is active only when a connection to the receiving device is made

Built-in unit

  • The unit needs to be built into the bottom of the worktop with a maximum of 3mm between the unit and the device to be charged
  • Included a cover, to be used optionally

EVOline Qi-charger for compatible QI-devices.