EVOline Circle80 / Stainless Steel / power / USB AC / cable outlet

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Circle80 Stainless Steel, power, USB charger, cable outlet

EVOline Circle80 Stainless Steel, 1x power socket, double USB charger Type-AC, extra spacious cable outlet with fixation slider.

The EVOline Circle80 is manufactured on customer orders with international sockets and USB chargers.

Please determine the power socket type that is fitting for the country in which this unit will be installed


EVOline Circle80 Stainless Steel, 1x power, double USB charger Type AC, cable outlet

Specifications EVOline Circle80 Stainless Steel, 1x power socket, double USB charger Type-AC, cable outlet

Version power1 way / 1 power socket
ChargerDouble USB charger Type-AC
Nominal power16 A
Power current230 V/50 Hz
Length power cable3m
Color power cableBlack, VDE plug
Color profile/housingStainless steel effect, blackplastic
Color cover ringStainless steel effect cover
Cable outletLarge and spacious, slider for fixation
MountingSingle integrated clamping pieces

Fits into an 80mm cut-out hole

The new built-in solution EVOline Circle80 convinces with its versatile application options. It fits into every 80mm cut-out hole as often available in office furniture. The Circle80 combines a standard power socket, powerful USB charging and a wide cable outlet to host many different cable types

Easy and safe installation

Installation only requires a hole cut out of 80 millimeters in diameter. The effective clamping part guarantees a secure hold from a plate thickness of 10 millimeters. Secured adjustment in the cut-out hole just by turning a screw.

Clear passage

The unit has a useful cable passage area for excess cables. For more autonomy at your worktop. At the bottom, there is a slider located for safe cable locking.

Adapt to your demands

Optional there are finishing modules available. These allow additional individualization. Cable guiding, or including EVOline modules.

International power sockets: worldwide use!

Circle80 can be used all over the world. International power sockets are available.

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